The Sandbox is where we keep everything that doesn't really fit anywhere else. Mostly though it's stuff we did for fun.
Three Winkbox posters were selected as winners of the AIGA “re:THINK” poster contest. The contest called for designs that promote a direct, sustainable
intervention that Carolinians can undertake to preserve the environment and communicate a sustainable practice or idea for use in everyday life. No idea was too small or too large.

Winkbox entered five posters into the contest, and three of them won: “Share”, “Unplug” and “Reduce”.

You can view the 20 selected posters here and all 121 submitted posters here.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Anna Bridges for feeding our creative talents on this and many other projects.

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Global Warming
This in an animation we did for the International Animation Contest sponsored by Toon Boom. It wasn't chosen as a winner but we like it.

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Farmers Market
We love this campaign and want to see it printed so bad that we’ll give it away for free to any farmers market, farm, or grocery store
as long as they promise to put some money behind it.

Feel free to send us your proposal now, or check our blog in the coming months for more details.

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This is an animation John did for a school project. David Carson later asked John to rework it a bit to pitch as a commercial to his
client at the time, Quiksilver. Unfortunately Quiksilver turned the idea down.

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Outward Bound
These are three comps for an invitation design we did for Outward Bound while at another agency. These comps were designed as fold outs.
Eventually these designs lost out, but we like them.

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Bridge to Bridge
We originally created this design for an Outward Bound invitation, but it got killed. Not willing to let go of a good thing because of a ‘nay sayer client’, we revamped the design
on a pro bono basis for the Bridge to Bridge bike ride. Well they did not like it ether, but you can see what they did like.

In hind sight, we didn’t have a chance.

Illustration was inspired by the typeface ‘Stroke’ created for Thirstype by Frank Ford of New Orleans.

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Harvest Moon
Every fall friends of ours celebrate the harvest moon with a party. The event is so fun designing for it comes easy.

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For one year Rick Valicenti collaborated with various artists to collect alphabet sets for his playground.

Each participant collected an alphabet in the medium of their choice. Ewa photographed her alphabet following her move from Chicago to rural North Carolina,
giving her the fresh perspective of an outsider as she explored her new environment.

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Ewa has a degree in photography, and a photo archive too large to keep up with. John, like most designers, loves to capture life with his camera or his Flip. We will be updateing our photo section often, as we take trips and explore our surroundings.

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Small collection of random photos taken in recent months.

Misc 1 S  Misc 2 S  Misc 3 S  Misc 4 S  Misc 5 S  Misc 6 S  Misc 7 S 

By far, my favorite thing to photograph is abandoned spaces. My imagination just starts going into overdrive when I'm inside them, and the adrenaline makes for some great shots. I also find I get the best results on my first visit. When everything is very fresh and new, I seem to notice things that I would dismiss otherwise.

This series was shot in an abandoned house that stood just feet from where we lived for many years. I found it so strange that the house was so full of nice things that no one has bothered to take with them when they moved. – Ewa

House 1 S  House 2 S  House 3 S  House 4 S  House 5 S  House 6 S  House 7 S  House 8 S  House 9 S 

An old friend had a knack for making beautiful and elaborate meals from scratch. She would then set the table fit for a king, and make the most mundane of occasions feel more festive then some weddings. With time I found myself with an archive of tabletops, before and after the parties. – Ewa

Table 1 S  Table 2 S  Table 3 S  Table 4 S  Table 5 S