2009 June 01 04:28 pm | by John Boatwright

Dinner Theater #2

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Two and a half years ago, in anticipation of starting Winkbox and knowing I would no longer be receiving a steady paycheck, I got a job waiting tables. This is a continuation of a series of blogs documenting my adventures in the food service industry. Read Dinner Theater #1, Read Dinner Theater #3

In this chapter I rant about the physical pain the job inflicts, and I try to express the fear and anxiety I had in the early days of waiting tables. Although I became more fit and comfortable as the weeks went by, the nervous feeling never completely left me. It always felt like being an actor before an audience of 2, 3 or 6.

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noun | a box or crate used as a makeshift stand by a public speaker:
[as adj.] a soapbox orator.
figurative a thing that provides an opportunity for someone to air their views publicly
chiefly historical a box or crate in which soap is packed and transported.