2009 August 04 07:24 pm | by John Boatwright

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Our friends, collaborators and clients, Sally Fanjoy & James Labrenz, will be displaying their work in two separate solo shows at Gallery Pantone 278, and at the Modern Fabrics store in Charlotte’s South End design district. Fanjoy-Labrenz art photography is simply amazing and well worth the trip to see it in person. They take ordinary everyday scenery and transform it into vibrant and colorful paintings made with light, in a world of copycats, their work is most original.

Please join Sally and James at:

Gallery Pantone 278
Charlotte Trolley Powerhouse Museum
1507 Camden Road
Charlotte, NC

and just around the corner at:

Modern Fabrics Store
128 E Park Ave
Charlotte, NC

Thursday, August 6 and Friday August 7

6pm to 9pm

Refreshments will be served.

Fanjoy Labrenz Photography example1
Fanjoy Labrenz Photography example2
Fanjoy Labrenz Photography example3
Fanjoy Labrenz Photography example4




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