2009 April 10 02:14 pm | by John Boatwright

Wanna Go?

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Winkbox recently created a web site for our friend Seymour Simmons, who has put together an amazing painting and photography workshop in Paris and the French Jura Countryside for this summer. For only $3,250 you get seven days in Paris and seven days in the Jura, Airfare, both workshops, French language, cooking, culture activities and a lot more.

The painting course will be taught by Seymour, the photography class by Terry Roueche and the French language and cooking by Martine Simmons.

Check out the web site for all the details. Deposits are due by April 15th, 2009.




noun | a box or crate used as a makeshift stand by a public speaker:
[as adj.] a soapbox orator.
figurative a thing that provides an opportunity for someone to air their views publicly
chiefly historical a box or crate in which soap is packed and transported.